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A case of mistaken identity!

Do you ever get mistaken for someone else, maybe your phone number is similar to someone else's and people are always ringing you and asking for someone else?  Well something very similar happened to me a couple of weeks ago. A typo in a tweet lead to me, @Perkz on Twitter, being mistaken for Luka Perković, @C9 Perkz, professional esports gamer who plays for one of the largest teams in the world, Cloud 9.

A fan of the game League of Legends accidentally tagged me in a tweet instead of the pro-gamer, leading to me getting lots of notifications on my phone, which was annoying as I was planning lessons at the time. I commented on the tweet saying ‘Please could you stop taking me in this as I have no idea who you are or what you are on about’.  An Esports journalist called Travis Gafford thought that it was funny so retweeted my reply. A few exchanges occurred which led to me sharing a picture of my guinea pigs.  Unbeknownst to me one of my guinea pigs shares a name, Fudge, with another of the Cloud 9 team members.  

This then became big news in the League of Legends community, with the incident being mentioned on a couple of live streams of the game that Cloud 9 were playing at the time. Over 100k people saw my picture of the guinea pig.  They also kindly shared some information about some fundraising I am doing for the Laura Centre in memory of a former student of mine who was tragically killed in an accident, with two presenters donating $500 each live on air.

Since then nearly £3500 has been donated to me by this amazing community, I have over 16k Twitter followers, keen for more guinea pig pictures, I have been interviewed by Travis Gafford and this video has had over 30k views and I have also been interviewed by BBC Radio Leicester, The Laura Centre and The Leicester Mercury - it has been quite a whirlwind experience, but a lovely one.  I have also carried out some work for Cloud9 on their #PLayTogether campaign and and a content collaborator with them on my Twitch channel.   Recent interview have been with the Metro UK and a video interview with The Score Esports which has had over 250k Views.

The League of Legends community have been really nice to me, they have been incredibly caring and fun. I have really valued sharing this crazy experience with the students I teach.  As a teacher I desperately want to make sure my students still feel part of my lessons and the classes that they belong to, having this to share and discuss has allowed some lovely opportunities for that.  



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